You don't have to pay for home Internet

We have good news

You don't have to pay for home Internet

Just recommend us to your friends!

Recommend the Alphanet Internet connectionto your friends or relatives.If any of them follows your advice andconnects to the Alphanet network—both you and your friendwon’t have to pay for the Internet for a whole month. All your friend has to do is to tell usyour contract number while applying to get a connection.

How often can you recommend Alphanet?
Without limits. Conditions won’t change. You’ll get 1 month of free Internet for every successful recommendation.

Want to get a free Mesh-system?
If 30 of your friends connect to the Alphanet from your
recommendation, we will give you a powerful Wi—Fi Mesh system, the coverage area of which reaches 370 sq.m. You can connect up to 100 devices without losing Internet quality.
With a Wi-Fi Mesh system, the Internet will be in every corner of your home.

Want to get a free Internet connection for life?
Have 50 friends join the Alphanet network
and receive a lifetime of free Internet.