Home internet
250/250 Mbps.
25 €/month
25 month
Installation takes up to 2 days
Without any deposits and the existence of a rental agreement.
Without any hidden fees
No penalty for termination of the contract.

This offer is valid only for apartment buildings.
Subject is to technical availability
Call 250-50-300 to learn more.

25 €/month
25 month
The offer is valid
until 30.06.2024
for new contracts only

Our advantages

👍 Everyone will have enough internet
Equally high speed of downloading and uploading files makes you feel comfortable working remotely.
Promised payment
Missed a payment for service? Just give us a call and get a payment extension.
Multilingual support
We speak Greek, English and Russian.
Temporary suspension
Going away for vacation or weekend? Don't pay for internet for this days.
Online payment
Via personal account or JCC-Smart online portal

Wi-Fi equipment for your house.
You can buy a wireless router separately from the internet installation.