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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
What is a subscriber's personal account?
This is a special, secure section on our website, where each subscriber has access to information about the personal account, company, services, etc.

Personal account is located at
How to enter your personal account?
On the page – enter the login and password specified in the contract.
Forgot your username and password from your personal account?
You need to send a letter to, in the letter you must specify your BILLXXXXXXX subscriber number, name and surname or call the office at 250 50 300.

Please note that the login and password will be sent to that mail by letter or to that phone in the form of SMS, which were indicated by the subscriber at the conclusion of the contract.
How to pay?
  • Online payment. Your contract contains a username and password from the personal account on the site In the payment section there are all instructions.
  • Payment through the bank. In the personal account of the subscriber has our details for payment. It is obligatory to indicate the customer number BILLXXXXXXX in the payment details when paying at the bank. Attention! Interbank transfer may take up to 3 business days.

    Bank of Cyprus
    Account Number 357024724536
    IBAN CY23002001950000357024724536

  • Payment in our office. By addresses:
  • Main office: Leoforos Omonoias, 133, 8th floor, office 1, Limassol
  • Sales office: Vasileos Georgiou I 91, Germasogeia Municipality, Limassol
How to suspend services?
Given the seasonal format of residence of residents in Cyprus, the company Alphanet offers the service "Temporary voluntary blocking" by activating the service from your personal account. For only 5 euros you are moderating to suspend the monthly charge-off of subscription fees for up to three months. Frost from 4 months costs 5 euros per month. Detailed conditions read in your account, or specify in sales offices in person or by phone 250 50 300
If you forgot your password from WI-FI
You can call the office by entering your BILLXXXXXXX subscriber number, and we will send you a WiFi password to the registered phone number.
How to change the tariff plan?
You need to log in to In the menu, select "Change Package", select the tariff plan you are interested in and click the "Update" button
How to activate the promised payment?
Everyone faced a situation when returning from vacation or after a weekend spent outside the home, the balance on the personal account is less than we would like, but there is no opportunity to replenish. It is in this situation that you can take the promised payment. To do this, just go to your personal account, which is also available with a negative balance, where you can activate the service for three days.
Internet speed is lower than stated
Measure the connection speed on a computer connected to the router with a cable. The data of measurements on WI-FI, will differ from measurements on the computer, some mobile devices may not support the stated speed.
No internet connection
Check the Internet connection for the following points:
  • Check if the router is plugged in (the indicator is green)
  • Check if the Internet cable is connected to the router (port marked "Internet") and to the injector (small black power supply)
  • The injector must be plugged in (the indicator is green).
  • The wire from the router (LAN1 port) is connected to the Injector port called "Gigabit data".
  • The cable leading to the antenna comes out of the Injector port "Gigabit Data + Power".
Checked all the items, but there is no Internet connection?
Forgot to pay for Internet services and Internet is disabled? Can't login to your account?
  • If there is no Internet payment within 2 weeks from the date of the mandatory payment, you will get the status "Disabled"/"Blocked" and you can resume the service by contacting the office by phone 250-50-300. This service costs €25. Unlocking can take up to 48 hours.
  • We recommend checking your payments in advance through the online account.
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